Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Challenge Showcase – Harlow College

Students from Harlow College are in the shortlist for the Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Challenge.

Students from Harlow College have made it through to the next stage of the Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Challenge.

Congratulations to those involved, with Rebecca Shaw successful in the 18-25 years age group, and Jessica Rayif, Patrick McKeon, Isabel Selim and Luke Camp in the 16-18 years age group. Each of the students put forward an individual entry.

The students’ ideas (pictured l to r):

Woodland View by Rebecca Shaw – Woodland View is a compact and sustainable home type making it affordable and efficient. The concept is adaptable over time for multi-generational living and designed to accommodate future digital innovation in social care.

Interlock by Jessica Rayif – Interlock is a modular system that is highly portable and adaptable, allowing homes to increase or decrease in size over time. The concept allows people to configure their homes to the specific needs of their family, site and personal taste.

Round House by Patrick McKeon – Round House is a community of circular homes aimed at first time buyers and downsizers. The surface area of the circular plan is efficient making them cheaper and more energy-efficient to build and use.

Reclaimed Construction by Isabel Selim – Reclaimed Construction is a futuristic sustainable home which can be easily assembled by self-build communities. The homes designs are affordable and provide opportunities for the homeless.

PUFF House by Luke Camp – Designed as a modular building brick system made from recycled ocean plastic. Each PUFF house will aim to remove 11 tonnes of plastic from the sea. The inherent flexibility of the construction system makes homes ideal for both growing families and those with impaired mobility.

To view the full shortlist read more here. All the shortlisted teams go forward to the national final in Autumn 2020.