A Public Vision for the Home of 2030

‘A Public Vision for the Home of 2030’ provides the results of a wide-reaching public engagement exercise designed to understand and provide new insight into what people need from their homes.

Published in July 2020, the report was developed by Design Council on behalf of Home of 2030 to inform Phase 2 of the competition as well as providing guidance for the housing sector as a whole.

Setting out a vision and principles for successful homes of the future, it focusses on 20 key principles based on the findings from local workshops and polling among a nationally representative sample of adults in England.

These principles emerged from undertaking public workshops and were tested through polling. They are divided into six main themes which reflect participants’ key priorities and concerns:

  1. Being fit for purpose
  2. Giving people agency
  3. Addressing the climate crisis
  4. Connecting people and their communities
  5. Meeting the needs of every life stage
  6. Representing something different

The responses of particular groups – for instance younger (aged 18-34) compared to older adults (55+), those with and without caring responsibilities, and those living in urban compared to rural areas – were also analysed and the findings set out separately in the report. Everyone surveyed was an adult living in England.

You can download a copy of the publication by clicking the button below.

A Public Vision for the Home of 2030 – July 2020