Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Challenge Showcase – Sheffield Hallam University

Congratulations to the team from Sheffield Hallam University who have made it through to the final of the Young Persons’ Challenge.

A team from Sheffield Hallam University have made it through to the national final of the Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Challenge with an idea for ‘mix and match’ housing for changing family dynamics.

Congratulations to team members Ellen Edwards, Gina Rapoport, Ingrid Rehnstrom, Shouq Almuhammadi, Joseph Ngoma who have made it to the final in the 18-25 years age group.

The team’s idea: It is more crucial than ever for new developments to be built sustainably and mindfully. Our Hus design is based on 3x3m modules and can be easily built from standard materials, keeping cost and waste to an absolute minimum. This design also optimises the footprint area and can include integrated outdoor spaces such as roof gardens and balconies, ensuring the resident plenty of healthy living space, whilst keeping the house affordable and accessible. The ‘mix and match’ modular style means each buyer can choose a living format that suits them best, such as our visualised family home, which supports the changing family dynamic, from growing children to living into retirement.

To view the full shortlist read more here. All the shortlisted teams go forward to the national final in Autumn 2020.