Imagining the Home of the Future

How young people are starting to imagine the home of the future – a report from the design charrette at Homes UK.

Our homes are the most important piece of architecture in our lives. A well designed home can enhance the way we live and promote good health and wellbeing. The home of the future will be lived in by today’s young people and that is why the Young Persons’ Design Challenge forms such an important part of Home of 2030.

As part of the challenge, we asked delegates at the HOMES UK event in November to design their Home of 2030 – homes for the future that meet the needs of our changing lifestyles and ageing population, that are more adaptable and flexible and that reduce their environmental footprint. We provided two teams with these requirements on the day and gave them three hours to create their design and to define the most important elements of it in just three words.

The design needed to extend beyond the home into the local built environment, neighbourhoods and communities. We challenged the teams to not just create pretty buildings that celebrate modern construction, but to create a series of spaces that have meaning and heart. Home is not just where you live, it is how you live. Home is always about people.

Given the demanding brief and short timeframe the teams got stuck in, with lots of enthusiasm, gusto and noise. The teams were guided by students from Birmingham City University’s Design for Future Living BA – the professionals and the residents of the future.

We asked teams to imagine the home of the future: a healthy, safe, sustainable home that is great to live in and that can adapt as we grow older … and then asked them to design it and summarise it in three words and a tweet.


‘Team MOBIlise’ wanted a sense of equality in their scheme with homes at different scales, shared rooftop gardens, solar panels and rainwater collection – ease, harmony and joy is how they summarised their scheme.

Team ‘Thriving not surviving’ wanted to learn from the past as well as looking to the future. Community and connection were key to their designs, with houses reorientating their back gardens so they look onto a shared space for everyone and surrounding the outside of the housing blocks with greenhouses for heat, food and shared space – innovation, community and agency (command of their own environment).

All in just three hours! To say the teams rose to the challenge magnificently is an understatement. We were amazed by all the creativity and energy.

The Home of 2030 Young Persons’ Design Challenge is open to 11-25 year olds and runs until 28th February 2020. You can find further details and the entry form here on the Home of 2030 website.

You can stay in touch with Home of 2030 via the Register Your Interest page here.